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Garden School Foundation

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Garden School Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing meaningful education for underserved youth throughout Los Angeles. Turning asphalt into ecosystems, our 2,500+ little chefs and gardeners grow up in outdoor living classrooms and learn the nutritional benefits of the fruits and veggies they sow.

Our main mission is to provide an educator to each of our 6 elementary schools to help gardens thrive both in growing lessons and in building community through their care. Students starting in Pre-K through 5th grade enjoy both garden based science lessons and nutritional cooking experiences through our Seed to Table Curriculum, with over 120 lesson plans. Students learn about ecosystems, habitats, adaptations, farming skills, veggie based recipes, and develop an appreciation for the environment and the food they grow.

Garden School Foundation hosts internship opportunities, summer camp programming, Community Garden Days each month, educational workshops, and is developing a greenhouse program to grow heirloom, organic and rare varieties for schools and families.

Communities Served
Our Seed to Table program focuses on Title 1 schools in Los Angeles. However, our educational workshops and teacher training sessions are available for any educator, garden educator, volunteer, parent, or person interested in deepening their understanding of garden based education, garden maintenance, or school garden development.